Watch the LKConnect for Gasteroenterology Demonstration Video Here

We now have a demonstration video available for LKConnect for Gastroenterology!

LKConnect for GI is the latest of the LKConnect series (which originally started with LKDermConnect for Dermatopathology labs) and is intended for use by Gastroenterologists.

As we continue to expand our LKConnect series of products, we will continue to make more information available. For now, here’s a demonstration screen-capture video (without audio) showing the simplicity and power of LKConnect for Gastroenterology.

Requisitions in Under 60 Seconds: the LKConnect for Gastroenterology 60-second Walk-through.

Revolutionary Body-mapping

Revolutionary Body-mapping

ELLKAY’s LKConnect displays different body maps for the specialties listed: Dermatology (Male and Female) Gynecology/OB/GYN Urology GI/Gastroenterology
Breakthrough imaging and mapping functionality makes entering manual biopsy information a thing of the past
An integrated dictionary identifies the exact location for every biopsy site, facilitating increased consistency and error reduction.