ELLKAY EMR Conversions Division Expands

EMR Conversions Division of ELLKAY, LLC Welcomes 2 New Members:

EMR Conversions are in demand in the Health IT market today. ELLKAY is the national leader in EMR to EMR Extraction and Conversion services. This new division solves a growing problem that physicians are faced with. ‘Early Adopters’ may have purchased an EMR system that is not working the way they had  imagined it would and the only thing that may be holding them back from switching to a more fitting system is the obvious problem of what to do with all the existing data stored in the current EMR system.

We have solved this issue by introducing a new division that is dedicated to handling EMR / EHR Extraction and Conversion services.

ELLKAY welcomes 2 new members to the staff this week:

Sunita Pradhan, Director of Strategic Alliances and Kelly Tabares, Jr. Sales Associate

“I am proud to be part of ELLKAY.  Everyone here has been very gracious in welcoming me and making me feel at home. There is a lot of excitement in the office, in the faces of those who work here; there is a vibrant energy from the minute you walk in, and it is contagious. Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome.

I am looking forward to growing the EMR Conversion Division of ELLKAY, under the leadership of Michael Fischweicher, VP Business Development.  It is clear that ELLKAY’s ability to enable EMR Vendors to stay focused on their core business by outsourcing the data extraction and conversion to us offers up a solid win-win scenario for vendors and practices alike.

Here’s to a wonderful time ahead.”

Sunita Pradhan

“I’m glad to join a company with such a bright future and warm staff. I’ve enjoyed my first few weeks here and feel very welcome by everyone including our leadership. I look forward to working with my team and being part of this growing EMR Conversions division as well as learning more about our other services in Practice Management and EMR Data Connectivity. I am having fun learning about this IT side of the medical industry and getting to know my fellow staff members.”

Kelly Tabares

Ellkay has over 10 years experience in medical data extractions and conversions. We work with over 450 vendors and 900 versions. ELLKAY makes it possible for EMR Vendors, Lab Systems and Practices to keep their resources focused on their core businesses while letting us manage the data connectivity needs quicker, better and for less than they may be able to do it themselves.  Contact ELLKAY today.