We like to think of ourselves as data plumbers…

Who is ELLKAY? We like to think of ourselves as “Data Plumbers.” With over 25,000 practices connected, our system capability arsenal has grown to over 450+ EMR/PMS systems across 900+ versions. While we are not an EMR company, our solutions are geared towards increasing EMR/PMS adoption by overcoming connectivity and data-related challenges. Our solutions for EMR and PMS companies include structured data extraction and migration from one EMR/PMS to another, demographics/charges interfaces, and laboratory orders and interfaces.

LKConnect Improves Physician Office Workflow: Enables Laboratory Requisitions in Under 60 Seconds

Press Release:  LKConnect Improves Physician Office Workflow: Enables Laboratory Requisitions in Under 60 Seconds 

Jun 5, 2012  Teaneck, NJ
ELLKAY, LLC, the leading provider of point-and-click anatomical body-imaging software, now offers LKConnect for OB/GYN, Gastroenterology and Urology in addition to LKConnect for Dermatology. LKConnect has garnered rave reviews from laboratory professionals and physicians alike for its ability to streamline workflow and improve laboratory requisition accuracy.

Compatible with more than 450 practice management and electronic medical record software systems (PM/EMR), the feature-rich LKConnect enables providers to create new requisitions for a patient, seamlessly retrieving needed insurance and demographic data from their PM/EMR. By eliminating manual transcription, potential errors are reduced while increasing efficiency.

Based on the overwhelming positive feedback from dermatologists using the first product released under the LKConnect umbrella: LKConnect for Dermatology (made available in 2010), ELLKAY has since released LKConnect for OB/GYN, GI and Urology professionals nation-wide. Each LKConnect product shares the same proven technology, functionality, architecture, and, most importantly, the same intuitive user graphical interface; however, each is customized to its medical specialty providing flexible customization options for individual practices.

LKGIConnect 60-second Walkthrough from ELLKAY on Vimeo.

LKConnect offers a fully integrated suite for recording and printing laboratory-customized requisitions with an unlimited number of biopsy sites, diagnoses, related treatments, images, and photographs, as well as for managing an interactive log with complete requisition history, all complying with HIPAA standards of medical record privacy.

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ELLKAY’s Suite of Laboratory Solutions Helps Laboratories Stay Ahead of the Game

At ELLKAY, we help laboratories address today’s challenges head on so our lab partners can stand out in today’s competitive environment.

Two of the major challenges that came across during a recent laboratory conference were how laboratories can:

  • Retain existing physician office customers
  • Win new physician office accounts.

Our new LKConnect  is built exclusively for Anatomic Pathology laboratories, providing the “WOW” factor that delivers Increased Laboratory Sales and Long-term Retention of Existing Accounts.

ELLKAY is the nationwide leader in laboratory connectivity solutions.

Leaders in Laboratory Solutions and EMR Data Conversions

Currently available for laboratories offering services in Dermatology, Gastroenterology, OB/GYN and Urology, LKConnect is a fully integrated solution enabling recording and printing of laboratory-customized requisitions with an unlimited number of biopsy sites, diagnoses, related treatments, images and photographs.

LKConnect’s Logbook” provides complete requisition history and audit-trail while conforming to industry standards of medical records privacy and security.

LKConnect enables physicians to create requisitions for a patient, transparently retrieving the patient’s demographic and insurance data from the physician’s practice management system, thus eliminating the need for transcribing from over 450 different PM and EMR systems.

Creating a requisition takes less than 60 seconds and contains accurate billing information for the laboratory. Additionally the “Logbook” replaces a tedious and wasteful paper process, increasing speed and efficiency.

#1 ranked data conversion service in the US healthcare market

ELLKAY also provides complete, discrete EMR data conversions including clinical and multimedia files to ensure practice continuity when switching to a new EMR system.  If you know of a practice looking to switch EMRs, but feeling ‘stuck’ because of having so much data in their current system, do let them know that with ELLKAY, they have the freedom to use the right EMR for their practice while keeping all their valuable clinical data.

To further discuss how ELLKAY’s suite of laboratory solutions can help you increase efficiency, keep existing clients, win new accounts and boost revenue, contact us today.

ELLKAY is the leader in laboratory solutions. Our laboratory solutions include Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management System Bridges, EMR Orders & Results Interfaces, requisition automation and much more. In fact, we can communicate with over 450+ PMS / EMR systems across 800+ versions to date. We are industry leaders that laboratories nationwide have trusted for over a decade, including Quest & Labcorp. Our laboratory solutions are known for attracting new business and increasing client retention. 

LKConnect – Requisitions at High Speed

ELLKAY’s LK Connect product line for laboratories increases efficiency and enhances revenue

Yesterday’s installment of the ELLKAY Seminar Series was a presentation:  LKConnect – Requisitions at High Speed, by Jamie Papp, Connectivity Specialist.

Jamie asked three volunteers to create requisitions for a patient, McLovin, who visited Dr. Seuss in Whoville.  The volunteers were role playing as members of Dr. Seuss’s staff who needed to complete a requisition form requesting 4 biopsies with some common rule outs. He who completed the req the fastest would win a special prize.

Jamie handed out a sample driver’s license, insurance card, instruction sheet and a blank laboratory requisition form. The volunteers simply had to complete the demographic and insurance information and enter the description of the samples and create specimen labels.

Simple enough. But agonizing for the rest of us to watch as it took our volunteers nearly 10 minutes to complete the one laboratory requisition form. One of our colleagues even found the Jeopardy tune on her iPhone to help ease the wait.  In the end, a review of the hand written requisitions revealed that 3 out of 3 of them would be rejected… one had a missing insurance policy number, one had the policy number in the wrong place and on another, it was hard to distinguish between the letter Q and the number 0 (zero).

So we took a minute to acknowledge the hard work put in by medical assistants who have to make sure their handwriting is clear, that all the information is complete and that too after maybe 50 reqs that need to be filled out per day.

Jamie then pulled up a live demo of LK Connect and demonstrated how with virtually no typing at all, a practice can complete, print req forms AND specimen labels, and log a laboratory requisition with the same values and done for McLovin above…in under 60 seconds.

LK Connect, an ELLKAY Healthcare IT SolutionThe process of generating the requisition:

      • One click to pull up demographic and insurance information via LK Bridge which retrieves data from the practice PMS system
      • One click on LK Body Maps to record the location of the specimen.
      • Another click or two to indicate what tests to run
      • And VOILA!, we saw a clean, clear, complete requisition plus specimen labels ready for print.

Jamie then demonstrated some of the other features offered in the LK Connect for Dermatology.  Including Requisition Logs with color code “highlighting” capabilities and some other tools that really help streamline requisition preparation, printing, and processing, eliminating 4 instances of manual data entry.  The end result: whoever needs to get paid for their work will be able to receive the payment on time without the cost of man-hours in preparing, correcting and following up with reqs as its done now.

“What I like about my job is that what I do really makes a difference for the end-users who use LK Connect and LK Print (the products I focus on here at ELLKAY).  During the seminar, I wanted to demonstrate the painstaking “old way” of hand writing lab requisitions, and how and why the LK product line for laboratories increases efficiency and enhances revenue.”

-Jamie Papp, Connectivity Specialist

Email LKAPPS@ellkay.com to learn more or to schedule a

LK Connect products are available for various specialties, including Dermatology, Urology, GI, and OB/GYN.

To learn more, check out the press release on LK Connect for Dermatology

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LKTransfer Mobile (for iPhone & iPad): Update Now Available

App Shopper: LKTransfer Mobile (Utilities).

An update has just been released for LKTransfer Mobile for iPhone.

Version 1.1.2 includes some minor application improvements as well as support for use with LKTransfer Enterprise Edition.

With our new Enterprise Edition, we’re making LKTransfer the perfect solution to handle secure file transfer and monitoring for virtually any laboratory, small or large. While LKTransfer has traditionally been hosted in our state of the art data facilities, we now offer an Enterprise Edition which can be hosted by the laboratory themselves. This new iPhone app update supports communication with either the traditional or ‘Enterprise’ setup.

To download LKTransfer Mobile for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch directly from the iTunes App store right now, click here.

More information is available regarding LKTransfer Mobile here.