ELLKAY is proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 Executive War College!

We’re excited for the 2015 Executive War College and we hope to see you there! Contact us before the show to schedule a time to meet and learn about all the ways we’re helping laboratories add value to their services, assist referring physicians in delivering better outcomes, and improve bottom lines.

Since 2002, we have been connecting laboratories to EMR/PM systems, building a strong foundation of laboratory expertise, and growing our comprehensive knowledge-base of structured data and system connectivity. We offer laboratories the solutions they need to increase revenue and market-share, including solutions for electronic orders and results, interfacing with EMRs, and cross-reference mapping, as well as connectivity to patient demographic and insurance information.

With connectivity to over 500+ PM/EMR systems in 30,000+ physician practices, we are the healthcare industry’s “Data Plumbers,” building the data pipeline for laboratories, hospitals, PM/EMR systems, HIEs, ACOs, and other healthcare organizations.


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