LKConnect – Requisitions at High Speed

ELLKAY’s LK Connect product line for laboratories increases efficiency and enhances revenue

Yesterday’s installment of the ELLKAY Seminar Series was a presentation:  LKConnect – Requisitions at High Speed, by Jamie Papp, Connectivity Specialist.

Jamie asked three volunteers to create requisitions for a patient, McLovin, who visited Dr. Seuss in Whoville.  The volunteers were role playing as members of Dr. Seuss’s staff who needed to complete a requisition form requesting 4 biopsies with some common rule outs. He who completed the req the fastest would win a special prize.

Jamie handed out a sample driver’s license, insurance card, instruction sheet and a blank laboratory requisition form. The volunteers simply had to complete the demographic and insurance information and enter the description of the samples and create specimen labels.

Simple enough. But agonizing for the rest of us to watch as it took our volunteers nearly 10 minutes to complete the one laboratory requisition form. One of our colleagues even found the Jeopardy tune on her iPhone to help ease the wait.  In the end, a review of the hand written requisitions revealed that 3 out of 3 of them would be rejected… one had a missing insurance policy number, one had the policy number in the wrong place and on another, it was hard to distinguish between the letter Q and the number 0 (zero).

So we took a minute to acknowledge the hard work put in by medical assistants who have to make sure their handwriting is clear, that all the information is complete and that too after maybe 50 reqs that need to be filled out per day.

Jamie then pulled up a live demo of LK Connect and demonstrated how with virtually no typing at all, a practice can complete, print req forms AND specimen labels, and log a laboratory requisition with the same values and done for McLovin above…in under 60 seconds.

LK Connect, an ELLKAY Healthcare IT SolutionThe process of generating the requisition:

      • One click to pull up demographic and insurance information via LK Bridge which retrieves data from the practice PMS system
      • One click on LK Body Maps to record the location of the specimen.
      • Another click or two to indicate what tests to run
      • And VOILA!, we saw a clean, clear, complete requisition plus specimen labels ready for print.

Jamie then demonstrated some of the other features offered in the LK Connect for Dermatology.  Including Requisition Logs with color code “highlighting” capabilities and some other tools that really help streamline requisition preparation, printing, and processing, eliminating 4 instances of manual data entry.  The end result: whoever needs to get paid for their work will be able to receive the payment on time without the cost of man-hours in preparing, correcting and following up with reqs as its done now.

“What I like about my job is that what I do really makes a difference for the end-users who use LK Connect and LK Print (the products I focus on here at ELLKAY).  During the seminar, I wanted to demonstrate the painstaking “old way” of hand writing lab requisitions, and how and why the LK product line for laboratories increases efficiency and enhances revenue.”

-Jamie Papp, Connectivity Specialist

Email to learn more or to schedule a

LK Connect products are available for various specialties, including Dermatology, Urology, GI, and OB/GYN.

To learn more, check out the press release on LK Connect for Dermatology

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