ELLKAY’s Seminar Series

This month, ELLKAY started  the LK Seminar Series, a semi monthly installment of presentations by ELLKAY staff for ELLKAY staff.

This week’s seminar was a presentation of the history of ELLKAY, facilitated by Shreya Patel, Product Manager.  We learned about how our founders started working together, how we as a company became healthcare data and connectivity specialists, we saw the time-line of the launch of various products, such as LK Bridge and LK Connect, and how things are different (with new technologies) and the same (Thursday watermelons in the summertime).

We enjoyed phenomenal growth this past year and felt that it was a good time to take a step back and connect with our staff as a whole by presenting the ELLKAY roadmap. We were able to travel back in time and combine interesting facts about our founders, their thoughts and great working relationship, along with the interesting ideas that went into building our products.  We also highlighted the fun had along the way to what brought us to the ELLKAY of today:  nation-wide leaders in healthcare connectivity solutions.

 Our founders’ basic rule:  the most important thing in a business is culture.  If we enjoy what we do, who we work with, then we are bound to grow together.” 

—Shreya Patel, Product Manager

At ELLKAY, our departments focus on different product and service lines.  EMR Conversions, Laboratory Bridges, BodyMaps, Laboratory Order/Results Transfer Tracking are some of the exciting things people are working on.  As we grow we want to make sure everyone has some understanding about the different products and services of their company. We also would like everyone to know what role they play in our growth and to share our company vision.  Above all, we want everyone to be familiar with their Teammates.  The seminar series is an exchange of ideas, it is a chance for individuals to hone in on their presentation skills (they get evaluated afterwards), it is a way for different departments to highlight their work, but most of all it is some Team ELLKAY quality time together that we all look forward to twice a month.

To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.

Visit www.ELLKAY.com to learn more.

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