Team ELLKAY Goes to Great Adventure

We have such great chemistry in the office, we thought it would be fun to hang out outside of work” – EMR Conversions Project Manager

The vibe here at ELLKAY Headquarters is friendly, encouraging and cool.  Coming to work is fun because there is a lot of team spirit.  Our newest division, the EMR Conversions team decided to take that spirit outside the office and spend a weekend day out at Six Flags, Great Adventure.  In no time, members from other departments wanted “in” and before we new it we had a full ELLKAY caravan driving down the NJ Turnpike.

Nitro, El Toro, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Slingshot were some of the rides Team ELLKAY members braved. According to one participant, “Superman was the best!

The trip was a success and we are looking forward to our next great adventure together.

“I think that the following quote summarizes our company spirit:  work hard, play hard!”

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